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Media Tasting

  • Availability: Media tastings available only on weekends.
  • Booking: One slot allocated for you for the entire duration of the media tasting campaign, first-come, first-served basis.
  • Party Size: Maximum of 3 entitled to sponsored meal.
  • Menu: Pre-selected menu options available. Scroll down to browse the media tasting menu.
  • Sponsored Meal Agreement: Share experience on social media and Google My Business review.
  • Confirmation: Booking confirmed upon restaurant’s acknowledgment.
  • Cancellation: 48-hour notice required for cancellations.
  • Rescheduling: 24-hour notice required for rescheduling, subject to availability.
  • Non-transferable: Bookings cannot be transferred or exchanged.
  • Responsibility: Participants responsible for additional expenses.
  • Restaurant’s Rights: May amend or cancel schedule; alternative arrangements offered.
  • Liability: Organizer not liable for loss, damage, or injury.
  • Acceptance: Booking implies agreement to terms.
  • Modification: Terms subject to change without notice.
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Media tasting

Fully Booked!

As the media tasting slot is limited and on first come, first serve basis, we regret to inform you that the slots are now fully booked. Thank you for your support and keep a look out for the next invite!