Your Neighborhood Western Restaurant

A casual dining restaurant where friends and family gather to enjoy classic western dishes, good drinks, and warm hospitality.

More than Just Food

At Charlie’s, we believe that dining should be a social occasion, a time to relax and enjoy good food and company. That’s why we’ve created a menu that caters to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Our menu features a variety of classic western dishes, as well as some of our own unique creations. Whether you’re in the mood for a burger, a steak, or a hearty breakfast, you’ll find something to love at Charlie’s.

Dining is more than just the food. It’s about creating memories with friends and family and making a connection with our guests. That’s why we strive to provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, where everyone feels at home.

Our Location
Where to Find Us

In addition to our delicious food, we also take pride in our warm and inviting atmosphere. Our restaurant is designed to be a place where you can unwind, catch up with friends and family, or simply enjoy a meal in peace. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make sure that you feel at home from the moment you step through the door.